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Harco World Dewatering Works is a world-class organization that is committed to the advancement and success of its clients. Operating with a diverse palette of services and under the guidance of an experienced management team, Harco World Dewatering Works provides complete service and top-notch results.

The future only looks brighter for Harco World Dewatering Works as more and more clients come to discover this powerhouse customer-centric dewatering company.

Core Activities:

Dewatering Services | Ground Water Monitoring | Pumping Test | Over Pumping Services | Dewatering Pumps Rental in the region of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and rest of United Arab emirates

Our Mission

To be a customer-focused, quality-driven, environmentally responsible company that provides reliable equipment, experienced staff, and customized solutions to get the job done right. 

Our Commitment

At Harco World Dewatering Works, we base our reputation on how we get the job done. This sets the standard for the way we do business and it’s a commitment that we stand by every day.

Quality and Excellence

We approach every task and every step of our work with a strong sense of responsibility. It’s not just the end result that counts; it’s the measures we’ve taken to arrive there. We want our reputation to precede us and to be known for getting the job done right by great staff that delivers excellent service and provides outstanding equipment. 


Our business is built on creating lasting relationships with our clients and treating each one with the highest level of respect and courtesy.


Our business is built on the principle that we can support the growth of the industry, infrastructure, and community while protecting the integrity of the natural environment. Our approach, our equipment, and our services cater to site-specific environmental sensitivities.


We work on projects every day in communities where people live, work, travel and visit. We’re mindful that we, too, are part of these communities and what we do, not only has an impact on people, but it reflects who we are as a company.

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