Harco World Dewatering Works has been established to serve the dewatering needs of various industries including construction in the UAE.

Harco World Dewatering Works principal business operation is groundwater control in the construction market; together, the Dewatering and the Pump Rental provide the elements, the principal building blocks necessary to make construction dewatering easier; which includes the supply, installation, operation, and rental of pumping equipment. These services include dewatering systems such as Wellpoint, Deepwell, and Sumping.
Depending on the requirements and desires of its customer, Harco World Dewatering works as a partner, a provider of design solutions, a subcontractor or a pump rental provider. We have a number of clients who utilize our services in one or more ways, and Harco World Dewatering Works is always looking for cost-effective and innovative methods to provide each client with the services he or she needs.

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