Ground water Monitoring Services in Dubai
At Harco world we offer an extensive range of groundwater monitoring equipment and supplies & Services including pumps, inertial pumps, air pumps, peristaltic pumps, double valve pumps, gas pumps, groundwater sampling equipment such as low-flow sampling instruments, water quality meters, water level meters, water level data loggers, tag lines, piezometers, and other groundwater remediation equipment and solutions. Harco world is the  Mena regions best total solution supplier for groundwater monitoring equipment solutions using either cost-effective or leading edge technology.

Before drilling wells, it becomes mandatory and of strategic importance to gather data about the aquifer levels both in static as well as pumping conditions. Our clients can conclude upon the amount of drawdown, aquifer behavior and how levels interact with surrounding surface water sources. As water is extracted from the soil, the empty spaces will start depressing upon itself, thus causing cracks in foundations, walls, road and may cause water shortage to neighboring communities. At HARCO’s we have the equipment and consulting experience to help our clients monitor site groundwater levels and wherein the equipment to be used depends upon the accuracy required, ease of measurement, time span, costs, type of pumping activity in the vicinity.

We have Ground Water Monitoring services extended in the regions of Dubai, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman

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