Dewatering Pumps Rental in Dubai

Rental of Agitator Sludge Pumps

Sludge pumps, are designed for transferring viscous fluids with high suspended solid content. The sludge transfer pump design is a displacement pump to enable the handling of heavy, viscous and abrasive liquids including oil sludge, bio waste, sewage, mud and lime slurry. HARCO is able to provide immersion type as well as centrifugal type Slurry/ Sludge pumps for our clients. We Offer the RTS’s range of agitator pumps provides simple and efficient transport of sand, sludge and slurry. HARCO pumps are built to take a lot of stress; they are built with optimal structural strength, rugged and long lasting. This will ensure that breakdowns are minimal to zero, reliance is 100% and our clients can use these pumps thoroughly and without any hassles.

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